Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer whose life and eccentricities becomes a concentric starting point for this collection of work. Killed by combing and rupturing a carbuncle nested in his flamboyant mustache, Scriabin’s life and musical oeuvre is an opportunity to construct and explore conspiracies of form and idea.

Sound, video, light, and sculptural works tamper with time and perception. Other works playfully examine Scriabin’s carbuncle, connecting it to meteor showers and marks of divinity like the stigmata.

Scriabin’s so-called mystic tone sequence and his interest in Italian serialist composition become subject matter to explore sound structure and mathematical systems in fantastical realms. Fractured qualia and romanticism that lingers in post-modernity color this body of work. - From Press Release




Installation view of drawings  

Cone Drawing media

Cone detail   

Scriabin/Snowstorm/Harp. Mechanical and manual drawing