MENG@Disjecta'sPortlandBiennial from Jack Ryan on Vimeo.

Chi Wang and Jack Ryan collaborated for the Portland2016 Biennial curated by Michelle Grabner. Their partnership included a performance at Disjecta and a sound installation in Eastern Oregon.
Meng is the Chinese word for dream. Pre recorded readings and sound samples are used for this live synthesis performance. During the performance the performers will be playing their voices recorded in both Chinese and English while using a series of recorded sounds, synthesized sounds, and combinations of spectrum content at different transpositions of beta and theta frequencies. This sound performance and design process involved real-time control and brainwave entrainment to activate dream states fused with states of high functioning awareness.
Sound and trance theory were used to broadcast audio frequency arrangements opening channels of cognitive mindfulness in the audience. Compositions will begin by cross fading beta frequencies and theta frequencies; this collision propagates an audio moiré pattern. Beta frequencies are those generated during normal waking hours in which you are active and alert having a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. Theta waves are often achieved during dreams or periods of deep relaxation. The audio moiré creates an otoacoustic effect on the audience tuning the audience as they move through the biennial’s opening night event and at other satellite events in the state.
Faced with our affable sound bath as the audience moves into the venue the artists imagine, "bodies without organs extending in celebration of physicality and multiplicity" (Thousand Plateaus).